Bayz test version 2.2

11 02 14 - 21:48

A test version of a larger bayz update is now available (version 2.2). This update is still 'work in progress', so as long as you can do with version 2.1 you might just wait. See the download/update page for instructions.

If you change to 2.2, there is an important change in reading genotype files.

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Bayz update with change in name of anno file

16 12 13 - 16:43

Bayz has been updated to version 2.1.4 (follow download at the right). Also gbayz has been updated, with a change in the name of the 'annotated' map/marker file. If you mix old and new bayz/gbayz version or want to treat older bayz output data you have to rename this 'anno' file for the new gbayz to work.

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R functions updated

18 09 13 - 21:54

The R functions supplied in bayzRfunc.R have undergone some changes.

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Update of bayz manual

14 07 13 - 16:29

The bayz manual is currently being updated. It may take a few days before I've filled everything in this new lay-out.

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